Jonathan Monk. Exhibit Model Three

Jonathan Monk, Exhibit Model Three (detail), 2017. Courtesy of the artist.

2017.11.16 - 2018.01.20

Jonathan Monk

Opening on November 16, 2017 at 5:00 pm

Guided tour by the artist at 5:30 pm

The work of British artist Jonathan Monk stands out for its Conceptualist and humorous approach, referencing everything from canonical works of art history to actions and statements by famous artists to personal stories. His books, sculptures, paintings and photographs, often presented as installations, offer a desanctified vision of art, the artist and the creative process. You should not expect to see any of these works at VOX, however: for this retrospective exhibition, Monk has chosen to leave the gallery empty of material objects.

Rather, the artist has mounted a documentary exhibition: the rooms are covered in monumental images presenting diverse exhibition views that span several years, in contexts that differ each time. They document many works—shown in close-up or wider views, from straight-on or oblique perspectives, in both colour and black & white—that provide an experience of the space that is unusual, to say the least: at once labyrinthine and dizzying. While this photographic action might at first suggest the idea of a monumental book with its pages unfolding at the scale of the gallery, walking through the space instead elicits a cinematographic experience. Everything proceeds as if unexpected views were intercut into the logical progression of a sequence-shot, revealing in one continuous movement the exhibitions created by Monk since the 1990s.

This specific intervention is meant to initiate new consideration of the status of exhibition views. It is being presented as part of Créer à rebours vers l’exposition, a cycle of projects examining the practice, history and future of exhibitions and their documentation. Along with historical reactivations, VOX is producing projects with artists for whom the exhibition is at the core of their practice and thinking.


Jonathan Monk

British artist Jonathan Monk (born in Leicester in 1969, now lives and works in Berlin and Rome) has a BFA from Leicester Polytechnic (1988) and an MFA from Glasgow School of Art (1991). His work replays, revises and re-examines seminal works of Conceptual and Minimal art…

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