Team and collaborators


Executive and Artistic Director: Marie-Josée Jean
Director of Operations: Claudine Roger
Coordinator of Exhibitions and Touring: Valérie Morin
Coordinator of Exhibitions, Communications and Education: Geneviève Bédard
Chief Technician: Mathieu Grenier
Assistant Coordinator, Exhibitions and Communications: Charlotte Bonmati-Mullins

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Board of Directors

Patrick Beauduin (2013)
Michael Blum (2014)
Manon De Pauw (2015)
Angela Grauerholz (2016)
Marie-Jeanne Musiol (2010)
Roxanne Sayegh (2015)

Advisory Committee

Barbara Clausen: Professor, Curator and Researcher
Nelson Henricks : Artist and Professor
Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen: Artist
Marilou Lemmens: Artist

The advisory committee actively takes part in the development of VOX’s programming. Its members contribute their experience, knowledge and views on art practice, as well as art theory, to the artistic director’s planning and research. They also develop specific projects such as exhibitions, Web experimentation, conferences, publications or educational projects.


Copy Editing and Translation: Emmanuelle Bouet, Michael Gilson, Isabelle Hurteau, Valérie Litalien et Dominique Vallerand
Photographic Documentation: Michel Brunelle
Graphic Design: Dominique Mousseau
Web Site (design and maintenance): Patrick Pellerin (Uniform), Bruno Cloutier (Bureau Principal), Geneviève Bédard, Marilyne Desjardins, Amélie Laurence Fortin, Simone Lefebvre, Valérie Morin and Claudine Roger
Interviews: Geneviève Bédard, Simon Gaudreau, Mathieu Grenier, Simone Lefebvre, Valérie Morin and Florence Vallières-Lepage
Network: Éric Beaurivage and Pierre Villemure (Oriaks Technologies Inc.)